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John Stippell – Hard to choose. Egzona Kelmendi- Mom will kick your… Caitlin Machicote- Drown

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Junot Diaz #2

Last five stories. For blog: your favorite and why I would say that my two favorite stories from the book Drown by Junot Diaz would be Aurora and Aguantando, because to me they told me a personal side of Yunior’s life that was sad but interesting to me at the same time. The story of […]

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Junot Diaz

First five stories. For blog: comment on Diaz’ style, the voice of the narrator. Junot Diaz’s style in the book “Drown” is very unique and it keeps the reader interested in finding more about the narrator’s life. I feel that he always seems to perfectly describe a scene or setting that he wishes to portray […]

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“April 8, 1928”

For your blog: your reaction to the ending After the book I ended, I felt that almost everyone in the book got what they deserved except for Dilsey and Luster. Jason finally loses the money that he has hoarded unjustly, Quentin runs off with someone she loves, with the money that was hers in the […]

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April 6, 1928

I didn’t have to read to far into Jason’s section to realize that Jason has a very cruel personality. Jason’s section was the easiest and simplest to understand, but his anger isn’t. He is unreasonably cruel to Caddy’s daughter Quentin, who likes to skip school and maybe enjoys the company of men a little too […]

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June 2, 1910

After you finish the section what meaning do you see in the threads that constitute the paragraph on the second page beginning “If it had been cloudy.” Okay to cheat by seeing if someone else’s blog provides a good explanation for something you didn’t get. Thank the person in a comment. And credit the person […]

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